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G-d bless America and Israel.
אלו-הים יברך את אמריקה וישראל 

Welcome to Jewish Patriots,
a premier news and opinion aggregator. 

Comprised almost entirely of specially curated posts from other sources, we're the go-to place for proud conservative Jewish Patriots and allies.

We're unabashedly pro-America, pro-Israel, pro-Military, pro-Veteran, and pro-Police.  If you're an active or retired American Veteran or Israeli Veteran or an active or retired police officer or fire fighter, we thank you dearly for your service.

We do our best to avoid posting click-bait and to avoid vulgar language and inappropriate images.  We make no claim of accuracy, and assume no responsibility for the veracity of any post; if we or you find content we've posted to be inaccurate, we'll remove it.

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Shalom - שלום

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